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The Situation

Technology is supposed to be fun and easy to use for everyone but when people run into problems and their technology doesn’t work like it should, or when they need help setting up hardware such as printers, wireless routers, mobile devices or when they need to learn something new, they call Quick Tech Support.

About Us

Quick Tech Support is made of the most reliable, fast and efficient group of certified IT experts that care about how user feel about their technology and want them to get the best experience. They are available to assist with any kind of technical problems

Quick Tech Support makes technology easy to use by providing on demand technical assistance and training so people never have to stress or worry about fixing their technology or losing data, nor having to pay lots of money to replace and fix the devices they love.

We Care

About how children use technology, how important computer files and photos are, how fast people want to get things done and when something doesn’t work how frustrated people get.

Who Calls Us:

Individuals, Seniors, Parents, Children, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents....That

  • Need to speed up their laptops and personal computers
  • Need help setting up wireless router, printer, other computers and accessories
  • Need help with email
  • Have printing, scanning and internet problems
  • People that need a piece of hardware or program installed
  • Purchased a new laptop or desktop and need to set it up in their home and get it connected
  • Want to to learn something new
  • Don't want to deal with Rogers, Bell or Cogeco call centres and need everything taken care of on their behalf
  • Need to know what to buy when they are shopping for a new gadget or gift for someone special

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How We Help

  • Come to a preferred location, ie. home, work, coffee shop, restaurant..wherever you are
  • Help your parents, children, sisters, brothers, friends, aunts, uncles, cousin's technical problems
  • Help setup new equipment and provide training
  • Fix any kind of technical problem
  • Call Internet Service Providers on people's behalf and fix issues when internet goes down
  • We speed up computers and remove viruses
  • Prolong the life of computers
  • Are the go to group for Microsoft, Bell, Rogers, IBM, Dell, HP, Apple, ACER, Samsung support
  • Educate parents on child safety
  • Keep identities and children safe from harmfull internet activities

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