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One-on-One or Group sessions are available to expand your career skill sets and open new opportunities

Do It Yourself (DIY) for computers

Most people get frustrated because they don’t know what’s happening to their computers and how to fix it or get a quick fix. They call people they trust and unfortunately do not get the assistance they need and getting a small problem fixed by an IT expert is not an option, so what do they do?

Our group and one-on-one training classes help people meet that need. At Quick Tech Support Training Centre or in our customer’s home, they easily learn how to properly use their computer and it’s programs by a member of our group of qualified/registered instructors.
We help people get empowered and teach them the quick fixes to allow them to get the problems fixed and save lots of money in the long run. The best thing anyone can do is invest in knowledge our DIY program allows individuals to do just that, invest in themselves.

With as low as $45 per hour or bundle packages, now anyone can get the training they need to fix their computer problems.

100% guaranteed.
We can teach you to fix internet problems, call the correct service providers for the appropriate issues. Use new tricks to impress your friends and families and become more knowledgeable.

For a limited time offer, you get 6 months access to our self-serve knowledge base on a sign up of a 15 session one-on-one training. Personalized or group training

  • Introduction to Computers: Windows 7, 8, vista and older versions, Apple OS, IOS
  • Microsoft Office – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Visio, Project
  • Internet Search Engines ( Google, Yahoo Search) & Email Programs (Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Child Internet Safety
  • Blackberry, PDA, IPhone, IPad, IPod
  • Outlook Email Backup
  • Google Plus, Pintrist, Facebook, Myspace, Chat Lines, Blog
  • Photo Albums and CD/DVD Burning
  • Social media
  • Fixing common problems and contacting the correct vendors
  • Protecting your children, internet safety guide

Starting at $45 per hour or group rates
Plus 6 months free access to knowledgebase and self serve articles on any purchase of 15 session personalized training