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Installation and Upgrade
We make the setup process easy


Enjoy your new gadget – We make it easy to get your new computer setup

When purchasing a new computer, often people do not know how to install the programs and get it configured the way they are familiar. If they use the service of retailers where the product was purchased to help them setup and configure the computer, they still have to bring it home and setup the printers and connect to wireless internet themselves and most of the time they are not familiar with how to do that.

We make it easy for our customers, our certified technicians go to customer’s preferred location and setup the new computer the way they want it setup with all the extra configurations


  • Optimize the operating system
  • Personalize and Secure your user experience
  • Install Windows® updates
  • Migrate data from your previous computer
  • Install software and antivirus/li>
  • Configure and set up email
  • Setup software and printers
  • Connect to wireless internet
  • Give a one-on-one tutorial


As a result, their new computer:

  • Will be setup in their preferred location
  • files backed up and transferred to new computer
  • All the necessary software’s and updates will be installed
  • If internet and email is required, we will set that up as well and to top it all off, they get a free one-on-one training to learn how to use their new gadget.


Price starting as low as $99
For a limited time, you get FREE 1hr training on how to use your new gadget
You may also qualify to get 25% off our OS Protection Program and Child Safety Program
100% guaranteed that everything will be setup as you like


Freedom of wireless connectivity

Quick Tech Support installs and configures printer software on computers, tablets and phones so everyone in the family can print from all of your devices. We can setup printer on multiple computers to give the ability to start printing from anywhere


Freedom of wireless connectivity

Quick Tech Support will setup your wired and wireless router.
Our router setup plan assists families in using internet wired or wirelessly in the house and connecting all devices to share printers and files. With a security key, you are protected from your neighbors so they can’t use your internet and increase your data usage. For as low as $60, you are ready to go with everything connected, secured and protected.

For a limited time you get 60 day guarantee if it gets disconnected, we will set it up for free.
Summarize offer

  • Access to the internet from anywhere in the house
  • Wired and wireless connection
  • All devices connected to the internet
  • Password protected
  • Data usage protected from outside sources

Starting at Only $60


Quick Tech Support installs any of your preferred software on your computer. We’ll reboot and test the software to make sure everything works and ask you to test as well. Some example software are Micorosft office products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Windows, Mac, Linux, Media Player.


Quick Tech Support’s A+ Certified technicians can install and can easily upgrade your computer’s Hardware. If you are unsure of the type of part you need for your computer, we will asist you in finding the correct part and software that will be compatible with your computer. We will give you recommendation based on your disires and budget. After an upgrade is complete, we will have you test computer t to make sure it runs as you like. Our service is gauranteed.

Network and Sharing

Happy home means a healthy family

Families watching movies and control what movie they want on neflix using their ipad. Their child wants to print something from the ipad, another wants to get file from his sister’s computer. This is how we would like families to connect togather and securely share files and print.

Quick Tech Support’s network services allows you to connect all devices togather and share only files that individual want with other members of the family. Securily connected, now families have the ability to print straight from their ipad, or a second computer or wireless laptop.

Starting at $60 per hour, $30 each additional hour.
100% guaranteed connection
6 months warrantee on disconnects


Quick Tech Support’s technician can assist in organizing exisitng computer, printer and internet cables or installing new connection. We assist our customers with moving into a new location or simply need repair or clean-up and reorganization of your existing ethernet, telephone, and VOIP cabling infrastucture. If they require extra internet connections and cables to placed in rooms or basement we provide the service of running the lines without altering their wall colouring, placing correct panels and to hide the access wiring.