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PC Crashed? np! we can get it running for you in 2 hrs with our programs.



We handle computer crashes

Windows doesn’t start up, computer is running slow, you see pop-ups on the screen, get a message saying there is not enough memory on your computer..sounds familiar?

Our Techs are ready to handle those problems and much more. Quick Tech Support repair services can handle all computing, printer, network, software, email, phones, tablets, ipads problems. We resolve all issues after a complete assessment and tell provide you with a resolution time and cost.

Our service is 100% guaranteed
Price match available from other dealers with exact same repair service


PC Tune Up

Experience an ultimate faster computer

Over time after much usage, computers tend to get clogged and slow down. Files take a long time to open, it’s frustrating to wait 10 minutes for a web page to open and at times you may see that there are lots of pop ups opening when your computer starts, and you wonder how can you clean it up and get your computer to run fast again?

Our PC Tune-Up service is the most cost effective solution to get your computer back to speed. With a PC tune Up, you never have to worry about your computer taking forever to turn on. Your files slow to open or opening a webpage being so tiring.

By getting your PC tune up

  • Your computer will start faster
  • Your files will open up instantly
  • Computer fan’s noise will tone down
  • Your hard drive will run faster


100% guaranteed
30 day money back
Price match available from other dealers with exact same tune up


PC Refresh & Upgrade

Save money, You don’t have to buy another computer

If your computer is in a really bad shape and your programs don’t open and your computer is very slow or doesn’t turn on at all, you should know that there is still a chance that you can save money.

Just because a computer doesn’t perform the way you want it to perform, doesn’t meant that it’s garbage. Some people love their computers and do not want to get it replaced with a new one, they wish they can just get it fixed.

Quick Tech Support’s Instant PC Refresh lets our customers freshen up their computers just like the first day they purchased it. We will back up all their important files, clean up their computer and reinstall the operating system and all updates. Install all of their software, printers and accessories and connect it to the internet at their preferred location.

Our customers feel the comfort of our free pick up and drop off and onsite service so they never have to feel frustrated dragging their computers and printer and all software to a store and only having to still need help setting everything at home.

Starting as low as $149.99, computer can be as good as new again
Remove risk.
100% guaranteed or your money back

Fresh computer just like you first purchased

  • Complete backup of all of your data
  • Clean up the harddrive and reinstall windows from scratch
  • Install all windows updates and software
  • Setup Printer and Accessories
  • Configure Email and internet
  • Setup Mobile devices
  • Transfer data

Starting at $149.99, 100% guaranteed for a faster pc or your money back
Limited conditions apply: PC must pass an assessment to determine if it’s eligible for this program


Instant Maintenance Plan

If you are a proactive individual and see your computer as an investment and want to prolong the lifespan of your computer and want to keep backups of your important files and precious photos and videos, then the instant maintenance plan is for you.

A computer is like a home or a vehicle; it needs to be in check and tuned to keep it from slowing or breaking down. If you are worried about your computer crashing and losing all your data, you should be. A slight power outage or an aging hard drive can cause a computer crash and you may lose all your data. Introduce solution / result in form of your product

However Instant Maintenance program helps tune up the computers and keeps the system running fast. With a regular removal of viruses and spam and backing up your files, your computer will operate fast all the time and it’ll prolong the lifetime of your computer. In case of crash, you will have a copy of your latest data and you can be up and running a new computer or if your current one gets fixed in less than 2 hrs.

At a starting rate of only $29.99 per month, you are off to protecting your computer and files all year round.
And you get unlimited 24/7 remote assistance from a certified technician on the phone and email.
If you have a Desktop PC, we will send you a technician once a year to dust the inside of your computer

100% guaranteed that your computer will be optimized and the files are safe and virus free.
Add additional devices for only $9.99/month
Quarterly service: $40 per computer

Maintenance Plan

  • System Customization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Fix Driver Problems
  • Ultra Pc Tune Up
  • Virus Removal
  • Disk Check and fix sectors
  • Data Backup
  • Dusting Inside Desktop Pc
  • Unlimited Remote Support And Assistance

Only 29.99/month